The Libraries Beckon ...

January 24, 2017

Now in their fourth year, the Harvard Library’s Pforzheimer Fellowships provide an opportunity for graduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to learn about possible careers in libraries, to discover new ways to provide long-term benefits for the world of learning, and to enhance their own research skills by getting to know a great library from the inside. This year's Pforzheimer Fellowships will run from 1 June through 31 July 2017. Each of the five fellows will be granted a stipend of $5,000. The deadline for applications for the fellowships is 3 March 2017. Graduate students in Medieval Studies will be particularly interested in two Library Project Proposals. The first, the English Manor Rolls Project, is sponsored by the Harvard Law School's Historical and Special Collections Department, and supervised by Manager of Historical and Special Collections Karen Beck ( The second, the Beyond Words Digital Humanities Project, is sponsored by the Houghton Library and supervised by Curator of Early Books and Manuscripts William Stoneman ( Further information on these projects, as well as application materials, can be found at the Pforzheimer Fellowship website.