Courses & Curriculum

Medieval Studies Courses 2016-17

Fall 2016

Note: courses in italics are primarily for graduate students

Medieval Studies 280: Literary Theory and Criticism in the Middle Ages (Jan Ziolkowski), T 1400-1600
Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 16: Openings (Jeffrey Hamburger), TTH 1000-1100
Arabic 130A: Upper Level Arabic 1 (Dalia Abo Haggar), MTWTHF 1100-1200
Arabic 150R: Introduction to Arabic Literature (Shady Nasser), MW 1200-1330
Arabic 243AR: Advanced Readings in Classical Arabic Bridge I: Historical Sources (Shady Nasser), W 1500-1800
Celtic 137: Celtic Mythology (Joseph Nagy), MWF 1200-1300
CompLit 259: The Bible as a Book (David Stern), TH 1400-1700
Culture and Belief 51: Making the Middle Ages (Sean Gilsdorf and Justine Landau), TTH 1000-1130
English 41: Arrivals, British Literature 700-1700 (James Simpson), TTH 1000-1130
English 102RDW: Introduction to Old English: Riddles, Dreams, Wonders (Erica Weaver and Daniel Donoghue), T 1400-1600
English 200D: Advanced Topics in Old English (Daniel Donoghue), TH 1400-1600
Freshman Seminar 41F: Feuding and Peacemaking in Viking-Age Iceland (Stephen White), T 1500-1730
HDS 3488: The "Causes of Ritual Obligations" in the Hanafi Literature on Legal Methodology (Baber Johansen), TH 1600-1800
History 2035: Topics in Byzantine History (Dimiter Angelov), T 1300-1500
History 2050: Medieval Societies and Cultures (Michael McCormick), M 1500-1700
History 2060: Medieval and Early Global History (Daniel Smail), W 1400-1700
History of Art and Architecture 120N: Art of the Timurids in Greater Iran and Central Asia (David Roxburgh), T 1300-1500
History of Science 108: Bodies, Sexuality and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East (Ahmed Ragab), MW 1100-1200 (= HDS 3587)
HLS 2882: Medieval English Law (Elizabeth Kamali), W 1500-1700
Irish 205R: Readings in Early Irish Prose (Joseph Nagy), W 1500-1800
Linguistics 250: Old Church Slavonic (Michael Flier), TTH 1000-1130
Music 97A: Music History and Repertory: Medieval to Baroque (Thomas Kelly), MWF 1000-1100
Religion 1434: The History of Western Christianity, 150-1100 (Kevin Madigan), TTH 1000-1130 (= HDS 2230)
Religion 1449: Philosophy in the Desert: An Introduction to Egyptian Monasticism (Charles Stang), TH 1400-1600 (= HDS 1900)
Romance Studies 148: Love, Knowledge, and Debate in the Middle Ages (Virginie Greene and Luis Girón Negrón (MW 1500-1630)
Societies of the World 53: The Fall of the Roman Empire (Michael McCormick), MW 1300-1400
Spanish 201: Historia de la lengua española (Luis Girón Negrón), MWF 1200-1300
Welsh 225A: Medieval Welsh Language and Literature (Catherine McKenna), TTH 1400-1500

Spring 2017

Note: courses in italics are primarily for graduate students

Medieval Studies 117: English Legal History 600-1600 (Elizabeth Kamali), THF 1000-1130 (= HLS 2370)
Medieval Studies 250: At Cross Purposes (Eurydice Georganteli), T 1000-1200
Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 40: Monuments of Islamic Architecture (David Roxburgh), TTH 1100-1200
Arabic 130B: Upper Level Arabic II (William Granara), MTH 0845-1000
Arabic 245R: Medieval Arabic Writings on Literary Theory (Shady Nasser), TH 1500-1800
Celtic 120: Food and Fantasy in Irish Tradition (Joseph Nagy), MWF 1200-1300
Classical Philology 285: Greek Paleography (Alexander Riehle), T 1400-1600
Comparative Literature 114: Mysticism and Literature (Luis Girón Negrón), TH 1400-1600 (= HDS 3802)
English 103d: Beowulf and Seamus Heaney (Daniel Donoghue), TTH 1200-1300
English 200d: Advanced Topics in Old English (Daniel Donoghue), TH 1400-1600
English 233: Trans-Reformation English Writing (James Simpson), M 1300-1500
French 144: Humanimals in Medieval French Literature (Virginie Greene), MW 1000-1130
Folklore & Mythology 106: History of Witchcraft and Charm Magic (Stephen Mitchell), MWF 1000-1100
Freshman Seminar 60K: The Grail Quest of Marcel Proust (Virginie Greene), TH 1400-1700
HDS 3343: Magic, Miracles, and Prophetics: Medicine and Religion in the Medieval Islamic World (Ahmed Ragab), M 1600-1800
History of Art and Architecture 228X: Islamic Epigraphy and Calligraphy: Spiritual Geometries and Bodily Instruments (David Roxburgh), W 1500-1700
History of Art and Architecture 241p: The Diagram Paradigm: Diagrams in Medieval Art and Beyond (Jeffrey Hamburger), T 1300-1500
History 1035: Byzantine Civilization (Dimiter Angelov), MW 1100-1200
History 1055: Vengeance and the Law in Medieval Europe (Daniel Smail), TTH 1000-1130
History 2080: Medieval Law (Charles Donahue), T 1700-1900 (= HLS 2166)
Irish 204R: Readings in Early Irish Poetry (Joseph Nagy), W 1500-1800
Islamic Civilization 158: Introduction to the Qur’an (Shady Nasser), TTH 1100-1300
Medieval Greek 115: Introduction to Byzantine Greek (Alexander Riehle), TTH 0900-1030
Religion 1437: The History of Western Christianity, 1100-1500 (Kevin Madigan), MW 1600-1730 (= HDS 2250)
Religion 2527A: Nietzsche and the Greeks (Charles Stang), F 1300-1500 (=HDS 1758)
Religion 2431: Neoplatonism 1: Plotinus (Charles Stang), TH 1400-1600 (= HDS 1757)
Slavic 280R: The Culture of Medieval Rus': Art, Architecture, Ritual, Literature (Michael Flier), TH 1400-1600
Welsh 225B: Medieval Welsh Poetry (John Bollard), TH 1400-1630