Courses & Curriculum

Medieval Studies Courses 2021-2022

Fall 2021

Note: courses in italics are intended primarily for graduate students


Medieval Studies 111: Sex, Love, and Marriage in the Middle Ages (Sean Gilsdorf). MW 1330-1445

Medieval Studies 117: English Legal History, 600-1600 (Charles Donohue). MW 1630-1800

Medieval Studies 250: At Cross Purposes: The Crusades in Material Culture (Eurydice Georganteli). Th 1230-1445

Arabic 130A: Upper-Level Classical Arabic I (William Granara). MWF 0900-1000

Arabic 249R: Arabic Philosophical Texts (Khaled El-Rouayheb). F 1200-1445

Classical Studies 122: Identity and the Self in the Medieval Greek Tradition (Alexander Riehle and Dimiter Angelov). T 1245-1445. Jointly offered as History 12V

Celtic 111: Shapeshifting and Identity in Celtic Traditions (Catherine McKenna). TTh 1030-1145

Comparative Literature 252: The Literatures of Medieval Iberia (Luis Girón Negrón). M 0900-1145

English 102E: Introduction to Old English (Daniel Donoghue). TTh 1030-1145

English 231: Divine Comedies (Nicholas Watson). Tu 0900-1145

Folklore and Mythology 111: Folklore of Food (Joseph Nagy). MW 1200-1315

Freshman Seminar 63J: Islam vs. Image? Visual Representations in Islamic Art (David Roxburgh). Tu 1245-1445

Freshman Seminar 64L: The Juggler of Notre Dame (Jan Ziolkowski). W 1500-1700

GSD 4350: Michelangelo Architect: Precedents, Innovation, Influence (Christine Smith). MW 1200-1315.

HLS 2473: Roman Law (Charles Donahue). MW 1030-1200

History 12F: Slavery in the Global Middle Ages (Daniel Lord Smail). W 1500-1745

History 12V: Identity and the Self in the Medieval Greek Tradition (Dimiter Angelov and Alexander Riehle). T 1245-1445. Jointly offered as Classical Studies 122

History 2055: Early Medieval History, Archaeology, and Archaeoscience (Michael McCormick). W 1500-1745

History 1056: The New Science of the Human Past: Case Studies at the Cutting Edge (Michael McCormick). MW 1200-1315

HAA 45M: Medieval Media (Jeffrey Hamburger). TTh 1330-1445

HAA 141K: Rome, Constantinople and Ravenna in the Light of Imperial Rule (Ioli Kalavrezou). W 0900-1145

History of Science 100: Knowing the World: An Introduction to the History of Science (Hannah Marcus). MW 1030-1145

History of Science 2110: Science Before Science: Sources and Methods for the Study of the Premodern History of Science (Hannah Marcus). Th 1500-1745

Irish 200: Introduction to Old Irish (Joseph Nagy). MW 1500-1700

Islamic Civilization 145A: Introduction to Islamic Philosophy and Theology (Khaled El-Rouayheb). Th 1200-1445

Italian 138: The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy (Ambrogio Camozzi Pistoja). W 1500-1745

Linguistics 250: Introduction to Old Church Slavonic (Michael Flier). TTh 1330-1445

Persian 141: Introduction to Pre-Islamic Literatures in Iranian Languages (Barakatullo Ashurov). F 1500-1745

Persian 152: Literary and Visual Narrative in the Persian Epic Tradition (Justine Landau). W 1200-1445.

Philosophy 117: Medieval Philosophy (Jeffrey McDonough). TuTh 0900-1015

Philosophy 217: Medieval Philosophy (Jeffrey McDonough). TuTh 1330-1445

Portuguese 123A: Portuguese Literary Studies I (Josiah Blackmore). M 1245-1445

Slavic 138: Apocalypse Then! Forging the Culture of Medieval Rus' (Michael Flier). TTh 1330-1445

Spanish 70B: Golden Age Literature (Luis Girón Negrón). MW 1500-1615

Welsh 226R: Readings in Middle Welsh Prose (Catherine McKenna). T 1200-1445

Spring 2022

Note: Courses in italics are intended primarily for graduate students


Medieval Studies 119: Constitutional and Legal History of Medieval Continental Europe (Charles Donahue). MW 1630-1800

Medieval Studies 202: Latin Paleography and Medieval Manuscript Culture (Sean Gilsdorf). MW 1330-1445

Medieval Studies 280: Literary Theory and Criticism in the Middle Ages (Jan Ziolkowski). Th 1500-1730

Arabic 130B: Upper-Level Classical Arabic II (Muhammed Habib). MWF 0900-1000

Arabic 243BR: Introduction to the Rational Sciences (Khaled El-Rouayheb). F 1200-1445

Arabic 249R: Arabic Philosophical Texts (Khaled El-Rouayheb). Th 1200-1445

Celtic 101: The Irish Heroic Saga (Joseph Nagy). MW 1200-1315

Comparative Literature 114: Mysticism and Literature (Luis Girón Negrón). W 0900-1145

English 201: Images, Idolatry, and Iconoclasm: Late Medieval to Early Modern (James Simpson). M 1500-1700

French 112: Lyric Poetry in Medieval and Renaissance France (Virginie Greene). TTh 1030-1145

Freshman Seminar 641: Looking for Clues: Ancient and Medieval Art @ Harvard (Eurydice Georganteli). M 1200-1445

GenEd 1081: The Celts: People or Construct? (Catherine McKenna). TTh 1030-1145

GenEd 1088: The Crusades and the Making of East and West (Dimiter Angelov). MW 1330-1445

GenEd 1160: Harvard Gets Medieval (Daniel Smail). MW 1200-1315

Greek 187: Greek Palaeography (Alexander Riehle). TTh 1030-1145

HDS 2018: Voices of Dissent: Heresy and Gender in the Middle Ages (Delphina Nieto-Isabel). Tu 1500-1700

History 2056: Reading in Late Antique and Medieval History (Michael McCormick). M 1500-1745

History 2080. English Legal History (Charles Donahue), Tu 1430-1630

HAA 12Y: Genghis Khan and His Successors: Art in the Wake of the Mongol Conquests (David Roxburgh). MW 1330-1445

HAA 42P: Architecture through the Ages: Notre-Dame de Paris (Jeffrey Hamburger). TTh 1330-1445

HAA 143M: The Art of the Court of Constantinople (Ioli Kalavrezou). W 1200-1445

HAA 147P: Popular Beliefs and the Formation of Pilgrimage in the Mediterranean World (Ioli Kalavrezou). Th 1200-1445

HAA 224M: Drawing in the Islamic Lands (David Roxburgh). Th 0900-1145

HAA 250M: Mysticism and the Limits of Representation, from the Middle Ages to the Baroque (Jeffrey Hamburger and Felipe Pereda). W 1200-1445

Irish 201R: Intermediate Old Irish (Joseph Nagy). MW 1500-1700

Medieval Latin 10: Introduction to Medieval Latin Literature (Jan Ziolkowski). MWF 0900-1015

Medieval Latin 105: A Germanic Hero and His Afterlife: Walter's Poem (Jan Ziolkowski). TTh 1330-1445

Near Eastern Civilizations 107: The History of the Book: Studying the Material Text through Harvard's Treasures (David Stern). W 1500-1745

Religion 1448: Mystical Theology (Amy Hollywood). W 1500-1700

Romance Studies 242: Transatlantic Poetics (Josiah Blackmore). W 1245-1445

Welsh 227: Welsh Bardic Poetry (Catherine McKenna). Tu 1200-1445