Courses & Curriculum

Medieval Studies Courses 2020-2021

Fall 2020

Note: Courses in italics are primarily for graduate students

Medieval Studies 109. Poverty, Wealth, and Religion in the Middle Ages (Brian FitzGerald), MW 1330-1445

Medieval Studies 111. Sex, Love, and Marriage in the Middle Ages (Sean Gilsdorf), TTh 1330-1445

Medieval Studies 201. Auxiliary Disciplines of Medieval Studies (Michael McCormick), M 1500-1745

Medieval Studies 250. At Cross Purposes: The Crusades in Material Culture (Eurydice Georganteli), W 0900-1145

Arabic 130A. Upper-Level Classical Arabic I (Muhammed Habib), MWF 0900-1000

Arabic 243CR. Advanced Readings in Classical Arabic III (Shady Nasser), W 1500-1745

Arabic 249R. Arabic Philosophical Texts (Khaled El-Rouayheb), Th 1500-1745

Celtic 110. The Celtic Arthur (Joseph Nagy), MW 1030-1145

Celtic 209. Ireland 1600-1800: Upheaval and Adaptation (Natasha Sumner and Brendan Kane), F 1330-1615

Celtic 231. Uncertainly Wonderful: Welsh and Irish Literature Read Again (Aled Llion Jones), Th 1200-1400

Classical Studies 163. Romans and Barbarians in Late Antiquity (Adam Trettel), WF 1530-1645

Comparative Literature 186. Comparative Love: The Song of Songs in Western Tradition (David Stern), W 1500-1745

English 40. Arrivals (Daniel Donoghue), TTh 1330-1445

English 101. Whose English? The Diverse History of the English Language (Daniel Donoghue), TTh 1200-1315

English 102C. Introduction to Old English: Inside the Early Medieval English Classroom (Joseph Shack), MW 0900-1015

English 210Q. Queer/Medieval (Anna Wilson), W 1245-1445

French 213. In Search of a Medieval Subject (Virginie Greene), TTh 1030-1145

Freshman Seminar 60K. The Grail Quest of Marcel Proust (Virginie Greene), MW 1030-1145

Government 1060. Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy (Eric Nelson), TTh 1200-1315

HLS 2473. Roman Law (Charles Donahue), MTu 1300-1430

HLS 3046. Legal History Workshop: Legal Pluralism (Charles Donohue and Tamar Herzog), M 1700-1900

History 12f. Slavery in the Global Middle Ages (Daniel Smail), Th 0945-1145

History 1040. The Fall of the Roman Empire (Michael McCormick), MW 1200-1315

History 2050. Medieval Societies and Cultures (Daniel Smail), W 1500-1745

HAA 145M. Medieval Media (Jeffrey Hamburger), Th 1200-1445

Indo-Persian 101. Readings in Indo-Persian Literature I (Hajnalka Kovacs), TTh 1500-1615

Irish 205R. Readings in Early Medieval Irish Prose (Joseph Nagy), MW 1500-1615

Islamic Civilization 165. Sufi Masters of Persian Poetry: ‘Attār, Rumi, Hāfez (Justine Landau), W 1500-1700

Linguistics 250. Old Church Slavonic (Michael Flier), TTh 1330-1445

Medieval Greek 115. Introduction to Byzantine Greek (Alexander Riehle), Tu 1200-1445

Medieval Latin 123. Augustine, De civitate Dei (Adam Trettel), TBD

Religion 1420. Early Christian Thought 3: The Syriac Tradition (Charles Stang), TTh 1030-1145

Religion 1521A. The Man of Light: The Philosophy and Spirituality of Henry Corbin (Charles Stang), F 1200-1500

Spanish 201. Historia de la lengua española (Luis Girón Negrón), MW 1030-1145

Syriac AA. Elementary Syriac (Ute Posseke), MWF 1030-1130

Welsh 225A. Medieval Welsh Language and Literature (Aled Llion Jones), TuTh 1500-1615

Spring 2021

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