Courses & Curriculum

Medieval Studies Courses 2017-2018

Fall 2017

Note: courses in italics are primarily for graduate students

Medieval Studies 107: Authority and Invention: Medieval Art and Architecture (Christine Smith), MW 1000-1130
Medieval Studies 111: Sex, Love, and Marriage in the Middle Ages (Sean Gilsdorf), TTh 1300-1400
Medieval Studies 210A: Introduction to Medieval Paleography (Sean Gilsdorf), Tu 1630-1800
Medieval Studies 280: Literary Theory and Criticism in the Middle Ages (Jan Ziolkowski), T 1400-1600
Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding 51: The Cosmos of the Divine Comedy (Lino Pertile), TuTh 100-1130
Arabic 243DR: Advanced Readings in Classical Arabic (Shady Nasser), W 1500-1800
Classical Studies 140: Stories from Byzantium: Medieval Greek Literature in Translation (Alexander Riehle), MW 1000-1200
Comparative Literature 252: The Literatures of Medieval Iberia (Luis Girón Negrón), W 1500-1700
Culture and Belief 38: Apocalypse Then! Forging the Culture of Medieval Rus' (Michael Flier), MW 1100-1200
English 40: Arrivals (Gordon Teskey), MW 1300-1400
English 90MK: Medieval Women and the Problem of Knowledge (Nicholas Watson), Th 1300-1500
English 102G: Introduction to Old English: Biblical Literature (Daniel Donoghue), TTh 1100-1200
English 210: Early Middle English (Daniel Donoghue), M 1400-1600
German Philology 200: History of the German Language (Racha Kirakosian), M 1400-1600
German 207: Digital Mary Magdalene: Paleography and Text Editing (Racha Kirakosian), F 1300-1500
Greek 112B: History of Greek Literature II (Alexander Riehle), TuTh 0900-1030
HAA 138M: From Byzantium to the British Isles: The Materiality of Late Antiquity (Eurydice Georganteli), M 1300-1500
HAA 143M: The Art of the Court of Constantinople (Ioli Kalavrezou), W 1300-1500
HAA 183W: Women in South Asian Art (Jinah Kim) M 1300-1500
HAA 240: Daily Life in Byzantium (Ioli Kalavrezou), Th 1300-1500
HAA 247P: The Art of Religious Experience: Devotional Images before and after the Reformation (Jeffrey Hamburger and Felipe Pereda) Tu 1300-1500
HDS 4103: Intermediate Syriac I (Ute Possekel), MWF 1100-1200
History 14A: The Medieval Mediterranean: Conflict and Unity, Tradition and Innovation (Rodrigo Adem) M 1300-1500
History 2056: Readings in Late Antique and Medieval History (Michael McCormick) M 1500-1700
HLS 2538: Introduction to Islamic Law (Intisar Rabb), MTu 0840-1010
HLS 2688: Digital Islamic Law Lab (Intisar Rabb), Tu 1020-1120
Islamic Civilization 158Y: Qur'anic Exegesis and Prophetic Tradition (Shady Nasser), MW 1300-1430
Islamic Civilization 204: Aristotle's De interpretatione: The Greek and Arabic Reception (Khaled El-Rouayheb), Tu 1400-1600
Philosophy 117: Medieval Philosophy (Jeffrey McDonough) TuTh 1000-1130
Philosophy 217: Topics in Medieval Philosophy (Jeffrey McDonough) TuTh 1300-1400
Religion 59: The Real Game of Thrones: Culture, Society and Religion in the Middle Ages (Racha Kirakosian), MW 1200-1300
Religion 1434: History of Western Christianity, 150-1100 (Kevin Madigan), MW 1600-1730
Slavic 201: Introduction to East Slavic Languages (Michael Flier) M 1400-1600
Societies of the World 41: Medieval Europe: History, Archeology, and Archeoscience (Michael McCormick), MW 1300-1400
Spanish 70B: Golden Age Literature (Luis Girón Negrón), MWF 1100-1200
Welsh 226R: Readings in Middle Welsh Prose (Catherine McKenna), Th 1400-1600

Spring 2018

Note: courses in italics are primarily for graduate students

Medieval Studies 117: English Legal History 600-1600 (Elizabeth Kamali), ThF 1000-1130
Medieval Studies 119: Constitutional and Legal History of Medieval Continental Europe (Charles Donahue) MWF 1100-1200
Medieval Studies 210B: Introduction to Medieval Paleography (Sean Gilsdorf), Tu 1630-1800
Medieval Studies 250: At Cross Purposes: The Crusades in Material Culture (Eurydice Georganteli), M 1300-1500
Arabic 245R: Medieval Arabic Writings on Literary Theory (Shady Nasser), Th 1400-1700
Arabic 246R: Andalus, Sicily, and the Maghrib in Literary and Cultural Texts (William Granara), Tu 1300-1500
Arabic 249R: Arabic Philosophical Texts (Khaled El-Rouayheb), M 1400-1700
Arabic 250R: Arabic Theological Texts (Khaled El-Rouayheb), F 1300-1600
Celtic 101: Irish Heroic Saga (Joseph Nagy), MW 1200-1300
Celtic 138: The Mabinogion: Stories From Medieval Wales (Catherine McKenna), TTh 1100-1200
English 40: Arrivals (Daniel Donoghue), TTh 1000-1130
English 103G: Old English: Working with Manuscripts (Daniel Donoghue), MW 1100-1200
English 231: Divine Comedies (Nicholas Watson), W 1500-1700
HAA 184X: Indian Painting (Jinah Kim) M 1300-1500
HAA 225P: Early Print Culture: Representations of the Islamic East (Gülru Necipoglu-Kafadar and Joseph Koerner), Th 1500-1700
HAA 244W: Illustrating the Word: Images from the Byzantine Religious and Secular World (Ioli Kalavrezou), W 1300-1500
HDS 4104: Intermediate Syriac II (Ute Possekel), MWF 1100-1200
History 1046: Islamicate Societies to 1500 (Rodrigo Adem) MWF 1200-1300
History 1946: Syria: History, Politics, and Religion (Rodrigo Adem) T 1600-1800
History 2080 (HLS 2166): Medieval Law (Charles Donahue) Tu 1700-1900
History and Literature 90AN: God Save the Queen! Ruling Women from Rome to the Renaissance (Sean Gilsdorf) M 1300-1500
Medieval Greek 115: Introduction to Byzantine Greek (Alexander Riehle), TTh 1000-1130
Persian 152: Literary and Visual Narrative in the Persian Epic Tradition (Justine Landau) Tu 1400-1600
Persian 251: Classical Persian Literature Seminar: Poetics and Rhetoric (Justine Landau) Th 1400-1600
Religion 1437: History of Western Christianity, 1100-1500 (Kevin Madigan), MW 1600-1730
Religion 1812: Islam and Religious Diversity (Nicholas Boylston), M 1600-1800
Welsh 227: Seminar in Bardic Poetry (Catherine McKenna), Th 1400-1600